Stream and listen to live
events from anywhere.

Spacebar is a mobile app allowing easy broadcasting
with high resolution audio, using a mobile device.

Great features about Spacebar

Broadcast Anywhere, for Free

No need to invest in expensive equipment — Simply plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into the mixing board, or use the built-in mic, and you’re on the air within minutes. Reliable streaming with wifi, 3G or LTE.

Fans and Friends Listen & Engage

Follow your favorite artist on tour, or discover new musicians performing live from around the world.
Like or Follow on social media, and support them with a tip.

Crystal Clean Sound

High-resolution sound, up to 256 kilobits per second, bringing the raw, unfiltered passion of a live performance to fans, wherever they are.
And, no advertisements!

Spacebar listeners have tuned in from 65 countries! (Listener map)

“For Spacebar, success is when a fan catches a few songs of a live show, then heads to the venue or sees the musicians live at a later show.”
–Gregory Miller, Spacebar co-founder

Never miss your favorite artist.

It’s as if you were there.

Calendar of Shows

Artists easily schedule their upcoming shows.

Real-time Alerts

Fans get an alert on their iPhones when the music starts.

Listen and Enjoy

“Musicians can take a live show to their fans — indeed, right to the phone in their pocket. With headphones, the sound is amazing.”

What listeners are saying


"@reevecarney you were so amazing tonight! Thank you @Spacebar for making it possible to listen to incredible talent from far away!"

− Kara BlackHawk, ‏@kblackhawk

"Thank you @Spacebar for streaming my show @HotelUtah! DL their app to hear my show & lots of artists if you don't want to leave your apt:)"

− Sonia Rao, @SoniaRao

"Was listening to @reevecarney live in NY while in Australia thanks to @Spacebar."

− Rommel, @RommCat

"If you're a live music fan you should be a Spacebar user, and fan."

− Mikey Four, ‏@MikeyFour

"With @Spacebar I have discovered amazing singers!! Thanks for the app, It's awesome!!"

− Blanca, ‏@Blan_AC

What’s in a name? The spacebar key has become universal in digital media to make the music play (or pause). Also, we see Spacebar as a global hangout, maybe bringing the world a little closer together with music, live as it’s happening.