Stream and listen to live
events from anywhere.

Spacebar is a mobile app allowing easy broadcasting
with high resolution audio, using a mobile device.

Great features about Spacebar

Broadcast Anywhere, for Free

No need to invest in expensive equipment — Simply plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into the mixing board, or use the built-in mic, and you’re on the air within minutes. Reliable streaming with wifi, 3G or LTE.

Fans and Friends Listen & Engage

Follow your favorite artist on tour, or discover new musicians performing live from around the world.
Like or Follow on social media, and support them with a tip.

Crystal Clean Sound

High-resolution sound, up to 256 kilobits per second, bringing the raw, unfiltered passion of a live performance to fans, wherever they are.
And, no advertisements!

Spacebar listeners have tuned in from over 1100 cities in 70 countries
Check out our Listener map!

“For Spacebar, success is when a fan catches a few songs of a live show, then heads to the venue or sees the musicians live at a later show.”
–Gregory Miller, Spacebar co-founder

Never miss your favorite artist.

It’s as if you were there.

Calendar of Shows

Artists easily schedule their upcoming shows.

Real-time Alerts

Fans get an alert on their iPhones when the music starts.

Listen and Enjoy

“Musicians can take a live show to their fans — indeed, right to the phone in their pocket. With headphones, the sound is amazing.”

What listeners are saying


"@reevecarney you were so amazing tonight! Thank you @Spacebar for making it possible to listen to incredible talent from far away!"

− Kara BlackHawk, ‏@kblackhawk

"Thank you @Spacebar for streaming my show @HotelUtah! DL their app to hear my show & lots of artists if you don't want to leave your apt:)"

− Sonia Rao, @SoniaRao

"Was listening to @reevecarney live in NY while in Australia thanks to @Spacebar."

− Rommel, @RommCat

"If you're a live music fan you should be a Spacebar user, and fan."

− Mikey Four, ‏@MikeyFour

"With @Spacebar I have discovered amazing singers!! Thanks for the app, It's awesome!!"

− Blanca, ‏@Blan_AC

What’s in a name? The spacebar key has become universal in digital media to make the music play (or pause). Also, we see Spacebar as a global hangout, maybe bringing the world a little closer together with music, live as it’s happening.