Streaming live audio with Spacebar is easy.

Simply download the app, and click Broadcast, connect with Facebook to confirm you are the authentic artist, create a new show, and go “On Air.” You need to be an Admin if you connect to your Facebook Page. Your Spacebar artist photo will be your Facebook profile photo that is pulled automatically, and new Likes will go to your Page.

You can broadcast with an iPhone 4S or later, iPod Touch 5 or iPad 3, or any newer model, as the streaming device. You can use the built-in mic, or attach an Analog / Digital converter to connect for a line feed of clean sound from a soundboard. We have found good results with the Tascam devices shown below, but other A/D converters that work with Garageband and other music or voice apps may work great, too.

It’s important to check the venue’s wifi reliability or mobile data signal strength before taking the stage. If streaming over wifi, we recommend requesting access to the club’s protected wifi, so you’re not competing for signal with fans uploading photos, texting, etc.

Using the Spacebar App

Step 1 – Register

To get started choose either Broadcasters or Venues.

Step 2 – Select page

Find your Facebook page from the given list.

Step 3 – Enter information

You can either use the information provided by Facebook or edit it.

Step 4 – Broadcast
  1. Slide the arrow to the right. Check Metering.
  2. Tap Broadcast Button to go live. Tap again for intermission.
  3. Slide the arrow to the left to end the event.
Confused or no time to set up your shows? No worries, drop us a line and we’ll add them for you.

Choosing the right gear


Built-in iDevice Mic 
or Plug-in Mic


Headphone Input
(Mono Sound)


Line-In/Mic Converter
(Stereo Sound)

Perfect for small acoustic acts or performing in quiet venues

Using your device
  • Just set your device down and start talking or singing. Perfect for author readings, teaching, poetry slams, etc.
Using the TASCAM iM2

For enhanced audio we recommend using the TASCAM iM2

  • If using iM2 simply plug it into either an iPhone, iPod, or iPad
  • Make sure the meter bars are just a little in the red when metering

Recommend using the TASCAM iXZ for bands looking for a low cost solution that still provides good sound quality

Using the TASCAM iXZ
  • Plug iXZ into iPhone, iPod, or iPad
  • Plug either a ¼-inch cable or XLR into iXZ
  • Use guitar mode if using ¼-inch cable
  • Use mic mode if using XLR
  • Use input to adjust/avoid clipping

Typically in the iXZ you do not need the batteries as it provides too much power taking it past optimal metering

Using a ¼-inch-to-USB cable

Recommend pairing a ¼-inch-to-USB cable with the iPad Camera Connection Kit.

  • Plug the iPad Camera Connection Kit to your device and the ¼-inch cable to it.
  • Plug into soundboard.

Recommend using the TASCAM iXJ2 for the cleanest sound and best experience

Using the TASCAM iXJ2
  • Plug iXJ2 into iPhone, iPod, or iPad
  • Set Mono Setting to Off
  • Set Limiter Link to Off
  • Set Input Select to A
  • Set Plug In Power A to Off
  • Set Plug In Power B to Off