Listening to live music from emerging artists has never been easier.

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Spacebar brings the show to you

We all wish we could make more live performances, but in today’s busy world we just can’t. Spacebar isn’t a substitute for being there in person with friends, but is a good way to catch the beginning, or encore, or the whole show, and support the musicians you love.

Invite friends to join the show

If you love what you’re hearing, share it with others through either Facebook or Twitter.

Crystal-clean audio

Just the music, with clean audio approaching CD quality.

Most shows are free, tip only

Most artists offer their shows for Spacebar listeners for free, and some charge $1 for the stream. You can support them by tipping in the app. Your payments are processed securely, directly and privately through your Apple iTunes account. Spacebar doesn’t see either your ID or password.

Discover new music.
Connect with the artists.

Browse Upcoming Shows, and get an alert as soon as they take the stage. Like them on Facebook or Follow on Twitter. You can also show them some love by applauding or tipping a few bucks.